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Araka Decor


Araka Decor specializes in designing interiors and custom furnishings to the highest technical standards.  Our experience ranges from clothing, shoe and jewellery stores, to restaurants, fast food outlets and private residences.  This broad spectrum of experience highlights our versatility and flexibility in the decor industry.


Our personal aim is to keep in step with technology and materials in the market with constat research and development.  We pride ourselves on our creative and innovative design and collaborative relationships with our clients.  This ensures that each project is completed in line with client expectation and standards.



Araka Group delivers command performance in interior design and contracting, carpentry in wood and metal, identity and advertising, and security and maintenance.


We conceptualize, craft, build and maintain award-winning projects across the globe. Over the years, we have built a strong team of dedicated staff and facilities.  This accumulation of skills and experience has resulted in productivity that attracts national and international interest.


We are able to adapt to practically every type of client.  We dedicate ourselves to a collaborative, productive relationships with our clients, and this has earned us a reputation for trustworthiness, cost effectiveness and meticulous project management.



At Araka we understand that an attractive interior and exterior identity leads the way to improved brand development and business environment.


Our expertise covers environmental graphic design and signage development. We take pride in delivering each product from conceptualization to completion and ensure that each is characterized by its own unique identity. Our contemporary outlook and cultural savvy gives us the willingness to use the broadest array of tools and techniques to enhance our relationship with our clients.



With large scale full service design, our exhibition production boasts perfect image manufacturing. We successfully interpret and display what our clients want to convey. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of exhibits with all requirements met in-house resulting in cost-effectiveness and convenience.


We take pride in delivering each project from conceptualization to complete exhibit and ensure it stands out and has powerful presence that attracts the exhibit attendees.



Our signage services include:


- Internal / External Identity Signage

- Architectural Sign Structures

- Festival Kiosks

- Engraving & Routing

- Powder & Liquid Coating

- Electroplating

- Digital Plating

- Screen Printing

- Etching

- Neon Production & Installation

- Composite Aluminum Panel

- General & Annual Maintenance



Over the years, Mxcare (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Araka Group) has acquired significant experience in Facility Management services which includes property management maintenance, security and cleaning.  The rich portfolio of Araka Group made it imperative to form and develop an outfit to provide services to the wide variety of projects Araka was developing throughout the fast development of Dubai.


Growing independently as a separate company in the FM field and specializing in intricate tasks ranging from aircraft cleaning to university campus total solutions, we also implemented and improved operation activities in various sectors, including residential, commercial schools, industries and hospitals.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of service and to build and maintain relationships with our customers through confidence and competitive prices. We firmly believe in surpassing expectations by providing customer care with excellence and guarantee diligence in all  of our services.

Mxcare - PRA


Mxcare is teaming up with Protection Rigging Access (PRA) , Rope Access Specialists in inspection, maintenance, and consturction to Oil & Gas, Marine, Shipping and Industrial industries.


Mxcare-PRA specializes in Industrial Rope Access; which is internationally governed by the Industrial Rope Trade Association (IRATA). To work under the IRATA trade mark, companies must undergo a Quality Assurance Audit for the provision of the services offered.


It is the policy of Mxcare-PRA to provide efficient, prompt and reliable service through the use of qualified staff and effective work procedures. We recognize that consistent product and service quality will ensure a high degree of client satisfaction, repeat business and continued growth.


We also recognize that quality is important to our clients so we ensure their requirements are suitably fulfilled.  We provide client satisfaction through our quality processes, co-ordination, communication and quality service.We assure the quality of our products and services by following the requirements of ISO 9001.


AISHI Homes is comprised of multi-disciplinary experienced and highly qualified staff committed to satisfying our clients with exceptional design expertise, customer-friendly processes, and superior construction quality. These are just a few of the reasons that our clients refer us to their friends and family, many even before we have finished contruction of their new home.


With us, you get a team that is focused on providing you a home that reflects your style of living, meets your design preferences, and provides it within the scope of a construction standard that is not easily surpassed.  We pride ourselves with having both creative and experienced design professionals who will help you create a home that reflects your personality and aspirations.  We are also very skilled at working with outside architectural firms and can assist you with "modularizing" a custom plan.


We believe that no matter which path you choose that the experience should be enjoyable and stress-free, and our design process delivers on that belief. Our process insures that your questions are answered, your concerns are addressed and your needs are met.



With years of commercial/industrial construction experience, Araka Group launched Medical Imaging Equipment Services after realizing a very specific void in the advancing field of medical technology.  While similar companies were able to offer specific but limited services to healthcare clients, Araka was determined to provide a one-stop shop for large imaging equipment manufacturers and medical facilities by outfitting those clients with full-range equipment needs.


Today, Araka is able to provide technically nuanced, schedule and budget-conscious imaging equipment retrofit services, new equipment installations, specialized MRI sheilding, MRI elevated flooring panel, equipment chillers, electrical services, and contruction.  With collective, relevant experience, ARAKA is proud to deliver this broad scope of services through a dedicated staff that makes it its mission to remain current on technical advancements.

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